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Listed below are some of the weird laws with in the United States. These are listed aphabeticaly.  




  • It is illegal to play dominoes on Sunday.
  • It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.
  • Putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.
  • Men may not spit infront of the opposite sex.
  • Masks may not be worn in public.
  • Solitare may not be played on Sundays.
  • In Aniston one can't wear blue jean's down Noble Street.


  • In Gladedale it's illegal for a car to back up.
  • In Hayden it's illegal to disturb bullfrogs or cottentailed rabbits with in the city limits.
  • In Nogales one can't wear suspenders.
  • In Phoenix any man that comes with in city limmits must be wearing pants.
  • In Tucson women can't wear pants.




  • A man can beat his wife yet only once per month.
  • In Little Rock dogs can't bark after 6pm.



  • It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.
  • It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license.
  • Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet from a tavern,school or place of worship.
  • Woman can't drive while wearing a housecoat.
  • It's illegal to prevent children from playfully jumping over puddles of water.
  • In Pacific Grove, "molesting" butterflies can result in a $500 fine.
  • In Long Beach, it is illegal to curse on a mini-golf course.
  • In Los Angeles it's illegal to cry on a witness stand in any state court.



  • If loose a pet cat must have a tail light.
  • In Denver it's illegal to mistreat rats.
  • In Denver it's also against the law to loan your next door neighbor your vacuum.
  • In Logan County, it is illegal for a man to kiss a woman while she is asleep.
  • In Pueblo, it is illegal to let a dandelion grow within city limits.



  • It's illegal to dispose of used razorblades.
  • Any one caught biking (riding a bicycle) over 65mph will be ticketed.
  • In Devon it's against the law to walk backwards after sunset.
  • In Hartford it's illegal to educate a dog.
  • In Harford a man can't kiss his wife on sundays.


  • "R" rated movies can't be shown in drive in  theaters.
  • Getting married on a dare is grounds for an annulment.  
  • On Fenwich Island it's illegal to lie down on a beach at night.
  • In Lewes it's illegal to wear pants that are "firm fitting" around the waist.
  • In  Rehoboth one may not wisper in church.
  • In Rehoboth changing into or out of a swimsuit in a public restroom is prohibited.
  • In South Bethany anyone walking a dog must carry a bag with them to pick up the dogs "poops" or risk a $100 fine.


  • Women can be fined for falling asleep under a hairdryer as can the salon owner.
  • It's illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit.
  • It's illegal to skateboard without a license.


  • It's illegal for a barber to advertise his prices.
  • It's illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.
  • In Johnsboro it's illegal to say "Oh,boy".
  • In Quitman it's illegal for chickens to cross the road.



  • It's illegal to appear in public wearing only swimming trunks.
  • It's illegal to put pennies in your ear.
  • All residents may be fined for not owning a boat.



  • It's illegal to look unhappy.
  • In Idaho falls it's illegal for anyone over 88 to ride a motercycle.
  • In Tamarack it's illegal to purchase onions after dark except with a special permit from the sheriff.



  • You may be arrested for vagrancy if you do not have at least a one dollar bill on your person.
  • In the city of Chicago,a hat pin is considered a concealed weapon, this law still applies to us today. Now it's part of the same law that makes it illegal for people to carry switchblades.
  • In Chicago it's illegal to take a French poodle to the opera.
  • In Joilet it's illegal for one to mispronounce the city's name.


  • It's illegal to bathe in the winter time.
  • Liquor stores can't sell milk or cold soft drinks.
  • In Elkhart it's illegal for a barber to threaten to cut a childs ears off.
  • In Gary one can't attend a public theater or ride on public transport within 4 hrs of eating an onion or garlic.


  • A man with a moustache can't kiss a woman in public.
  • Kisses can't last for more than 5 minutes
  • In Dubuque any hotel within the city limmits must have a water bucket and a hitching post in front of the building.
  • In Mount Vernon no  one can pick a flower from a city park.
  • In Mount Vernon  all softball dimond lights must be turned off at 10:30 pm.
  • Within Ottumwa city limmits a man can't wink to any woman he doesn't know.



  • It's illegal for restaurants to sell cherry pie la mode on Sundays.
  • In Witchita a husbands mistreatment of his mother-in-law, can't be used as grounds for a divorce.


  • It's illegal to remarry the same man four times.
  • In Owensburrow a woman can't buy a hat without her husband's permission.


  • It's against the law to gargle in public.
  • One may either be fined 5thousand dollars, or  sentanced to up to one year in prison for running an abortion advertisement.
  • In New Orlean's it's illegal for a woman to drive unless her husband is infront of the car waving a flag.
  • In Sulphur it's Illegal to be an alcholic.




  • The most money one can legally win gambling is three dollars.
  • After Jan 14th a person can be fined for having christmas decorations still up.
  • In Portland, it is illegal for men to tickle women under the chin with feather dusters. 
  • It's also illegal to have untied shoe laces while walking down a street in Portland.
  • In Watervile it's illegal for one to blow ones nose in public.


  • It's Illegal to mistreat oysters.
  • In Baltimor it's illegal to scrub or wash sinks no matter how dirty they get.
  • In Halethorpe it's illegal to kiss another person for more than 1 second.


  • Mourners at a wake can't eat more than 3 sandwiches.
  • Snoring is Illegal unless all Bedroom windows are shut and securly locked.
  • It's illegal to wear a goatee with out a license.
  • Hunting on Sundays is prohibited.
  • It's illegal to go to bed without first having a full bath.
  • It's illegal to have a water gun fight/duel.
  • In Boston two people may not kiss in front of a church.
  • In Boston one can't eat peanuts while in church.
  • In Boston a citizen may not own more than 3 dogs.
  • In Marlboro a citizen can't own more than 2 dogs.



  • A state law stipulates that a woman's hair legally belongs to her husband.
  • One can't swear in front of women or children.
  • Under state law dentists are officaly classified as "mechanics".
  • In Detroit, it is illegal to make love in a car unless it is parked on your property.



  • It's illegal to sleep naked.
  • All men riding motorcycles must wear shirts.
  • Every man in Brainerd is required by law to grow a beard.
  • In International Falls dogs can't chase cats up a telegraph pole, owners can be finned.
  • In Minneapolis, double-parkers can be put on a chain gang.
  • In St. Cloud Hamburgers can't be eaten on Sundays.




  • Cattle rustling is punishable by hanging.
  • In Oxford one may not spit on the sidewalks on the square.
  • In Oxford Motor vehicals on the squar are prohibited.
  • In Truro it is still legal to kill one's "servant."


  • A man must have a permit to shave.
  • In Excelsior Springs it's illigal to make a squirrel worry.
  • In Kansas city instilation of a four legged bathtub with toes that resemble those of an animal is prohibited.
  • In Marquette it's illegal for more than 4 unrelated persons to occupy the same living space.


  • It's a felony for a wife to open her husbands mail.
  • In Billings one can't raise pet rats.
  • In Excelsior Springs one can't throw a ball within city limmits.
  • In Helena no item can be thrown accross a street.



  • It is illegal for a mother to give her daughter a perm without a state license.
  • It is illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they are simultaneously brewing a kettle of soup.
  • In Omaha, barbers are forbidden from shaving their customers' chests.
  • If a child burps during a church service in Omaha, his or her parents may be arrested.
  • In Waterloo, barbers are forbidden from eating onions between 7am and 7pm.



  • It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway.
  • In Eureka, men who wear moustaches are forbidden from kissing women.
  • Every one walking the streets of Elko is required to wear a mask.
  • In Nyala, a man is forbidden from buying drinks for more than three people other than himself at any one period during the day.


New Jersey

  • It is against the law to "frown" at a police officer.
  • It is illegal to slurp soup.
  • In Newark, it is illegal to sell ice cream after 6pm, unless the customer has a note from his doctor.
  • In Trenton, it is illegal to throw a bad pickle in the street.


New Hampshire
  • It's against the law to collect seaweed or rockweed from the seashore that is below the high watermark.


New Mexico
  • In Carrizozo it's forbiden for a female to appear unshaven in public.
  • In Deming  one can't spit on the steps of the opera house.
  • In Las Chruces one can't carry a lunch box down Main Street.


New York
  • It's against the law to throw a ball at a person's head just for fun.
  • A license must be obtained for hanging cloths on a clothsline.
  • In Walden you can't give someone a drink of water with out a permit.
  • In NYC a woman is premited to go toppless in public provided it's not being used as a business.
  • In NYC it's illegal to smoke with in 100 ft of a public building.


North Carolina
  • It's illegal for a bingo game to last longer than 5 hrs (unless this game is being played at a fair).
  • In Asheville it's illegal to sneeze within city limmets.
  • In Charlotte women must have their bodies covered by atleast 16 yards of cloth at all times.


North Dakota

  • It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.                                                            
  • It is illegal to serve beer and pretzels at the same time in any bar, club, or restaurant


  • Women can't wear pattented leather shoes in public.
  • It's illegal to fish for whales on Sundays.
  • In Cleaveland it's illegal to operate a motor vehical while sitting in someones lap.
  • In Oxford it's illegal for a woman to stip off her cloathing while in front of a picture of a man.



  • Dogs must have a permit signed by the mayor in order to congregate in groups of three or more on private property.
  • Oklahoma will not tolerate anyone taking a bite out of another's hamburger.
  • People who make "ugly faces" at dogs may be fined and/or jailed.
  • Women can't do their own hair with out being licensed by the state.
  • Cars must be tethered outside of public buildings.
  • In Schulter it's illegal for a woman that's either wearing only lingere or a towel or who's totaly nude to gamble.


  • Dishes must drip dry.
  • Ice Cream can't be eaten on Sundays.
  • It's illegal to buy or sell marijuana, yet it's legal to smoke it on your own property.
  • In Beaverton you must buy a $10 permit to instal a burglar alarm.
  • In Eugene it's illegal to show movies or attend a car race on Saturdays.
  • In Hood River juggling without a licence is prohibited.
  • In Stanfield no more than two people can share a single drink.
  • In Stanfield cloth towel dispensers are banned from restrooms.


  • A person who has particiapated in a duel is no longer elligible to become a Govenor.
  • A minister is prohibited from performing a marriage if either the bride or groom is drunk.
  • Men can't purchase alcohol without written concent of their wives.
  • In Morrisville women need a permite to wear cosmetics.



Rhode Island

  • When passing a car on the left you are required to make a loud noise.
  • It's illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley.
  • In Newport, it's illegal to smoke a pipe after sunset.
  • In Providence it's against the law to to jump off a bridge.



  • It's illegal to transport a skunk accross state lines (unless it's to be used at a zoo).
  • It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.
  • In Dyersburg, it is illegal for a woman to call a man for a date



  • It's illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.
  • You can't go bare foot without getting a special $5 permit.
  • It is illegal to milk another person's cow.
  • In Houston, it is illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday.
  • In LeFors, it is illegal to take more than three swallows of beer while standing.


  • A husband is responsible for every criminal act committed by his wife while she is in his presence.
  • Birds have the right of way on highways.
  • In Monroe, daylight must be visible between partners on a dance floor.


  • A woman must obtain written permission from their husband to wear false teeth.
  • In Rutland it's illegal to allow ones car to backfire.


  • An unmarried person can not have sex, this crime is punishable as a class 4 misdemener.
  • Driving with out wearing shoes is phohibited.
  • It's illegal to tickle women.
  • In Lebanon it's illegal to kick your wife out of bed.
  • In Norfolk a man may face up to 60 days in jail for patting a woman's derriere (bottom).
  • Also in Norfolk  spitting on a seagull is not tolerated.
  • In Victoria it's illegal to skate down the sidewalk of Maine Street.
  • In Virginia Beach it's illegal to ride on the handlebars of a bicycle.


  • All lolipops are banned.
  • It's illegal to buy any meat product on Sunday.
  • One can't buy a mattress on a Sunday.
  • In Bremerton one can't shuck peanuts on the street.
  • In Lynden dancing and drinking may not occur at the same establishment.
  • In Spokane Televisions can't be bought on Sundays.


West Virginia

  • It is illegal to snooze on a train.
  • If you wear a hat inside a theater you can be fined.
  • Roadkill can be taken home for dinner.
  • In Nicholas County, no clergy members may tell jokes or humorous stories from the pulpit during church services.



  • It is illegal to cut a woman's hair.
  • It is illegal to kiss on a train.
  • Unless a person spesificaly orders margarine it's prohibited to serve it as a substitute for butter.
  • In Foxpoint it's illegal for dogs to bark profusely, snarl or make any menicing gestures.
  • In St. Croix, women are not allowed to wear anything red in public 


  • In public theaters or places of amusement it's illegal to wear a hat that obstructs another persons veiw.
  • It's illegal for women to stand any closer to the bar than 5 feet while drinking.


There are other weird laws out there and not all of them are confined to just the U.S.A. Please go to the links page to look at some other sites that list weird laws.