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This page houses information about Fictional characters. This is information that even some of the fansites about these Fictional characters may not know. I've broken the information down into catagories
The information presented here is accurate according to the sources I've checked (including the websites and comicsource books).

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T.V Character Information


Goliath the leader of Toon Disney's Gargoyles. He like most of his clan was put under a sleep spell for a thousand years. His one time mate Demona didn't get put under the same sleep spell and was witnessed to mankinds cruelty, so that even though they reunited when Goliath reawakened it wasn't to last. Goliath now leads the reawakened gargoyles of manhatan, and strives for a world were their is an understanding between human and gargoyle. He and Demona did have a daughter Angela who was raised on Avalon, yet who has become part of Goliath's clan. He has come to fall in love with the police detective Elisa Maza as she has with him.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer's/ Angel's Spike is actualy a 19th century vampire who was originaly named  William the Bloody for his bloody awful poetry.  He was turned to a vampire by his lover the bloodsucking Drusila. The name Spike came from the fact that he loved torturing victims with railroad spikes.  He's killed two slayers. One of them was a punk kid who had a trenchcoat which Spike has kept as part of his wardrobe. He is one of the original Buffy Cast who has now joined Angel, who actualy was Drusila's love durring the time of Spike's creation. He had become a ghost for a while and was begining to truely die till a mysterios spell made him truely live again. His love life has been realy mixed up. 


Jason David Frank otherwise known as Tomy of the Power Ranger's fame was the longest lasting Power Ranger. He went from being the first ever evil ranger as the Green Ranger on the first season, To being the Red ranger in Zeo, and Turbo when he finaly left the Power Rangers.  He's even recently returned as the mentor of the Dinothunder Rangers. He demonstrated his leadership qualities from the late Ninja to the early Turbo seasons leading all three groups.


Tommy also piloted a record number of 8 zords and even copiloted one with Kat bringing the total to 9. More than any Ranger had piloted before.



Mixed Media Character Information.


Black Magician is a level 7 Dark/Magic User with an attack of 2500 and defence of 2100. This monster requires one to sacrifice two monsters to summon it normaly.On the T.V serries Yu-gi-oh this card is the most precious card in the title character's deck as it has save him on numerous occasions. This card goes well with most magic cards, and was also part of the Dungen Dice Monsters serries that introduced him as one of the Dice Monsters allowing Yugi to win again.


The Autobot trasformer  known as Bumblebee is used in espionage and as a messanger. This Autobot transforms into a Volkswagon Beetle (Bug).  He is very fuel efficiant and can get about 1.8 times more out of a unit of fuel than most autobots.  His visual perception is keen enough to spot a 10"X 10" object 48 miles away on a clear day.  His adaptability to water makes him perfect for undersea missions.  He is one of most damage prone of the Autobot's relying on sealth to compensate for this.  He's also a bit of a smart mouth at times. In both the cartoon and the comic he became known as Goldbug after a full body modification. In the comic he had to revert back to Bumblebee after he was damaged to undertake the procedure to make him a pretender.


Gallantmon shown here is the Mega form of  Guilemon one of the Digimon of season 3. Guilemon is a virial type since on the T.V serries he wasn't even an official Digimon card since he was a picture that Takato (his digidestined partner) scanned into the D-power device. Takato and Guilemon must both merge into one to create Gallantmon.  


Wargreymon is the Mega Level evolution of Auguman and the final stage in his evolution (unless you count the DNA digivolution with Metal Garurumon into Omnimon). His moves include Terra Claw, Giga Force, Dramon Killer, Brave tornado and his most powerful the Terra Force. He is a fire type and  was partnered with Tia Kaymia the group leader in the original Digimon T.V Serries.

Comic Character Information

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Independent Comic Character Facts.


A Harris comics creation Vampirella is a sexy female vampire alien born on Drakon a planet of vampires where rivers of blood flowed like water on earth. Vampirrela was sent to earth on a sacred mission to rid the earth of all of it's vampires since they were all the evil ofspring of Lilith.  In a quest to discover her true origins she has come to find out that she is an evolved vampire that is immune to sunlight, garlic and religious icons(including holey water).  Vampirella first appeared in a 1969 black and white magazine of the same name this lasted till the late 1970s. After a breif hiatus Vampirella returned in 1992 this time in a full color comic format.  


AC comics Ms. Victory has been around since World War II. Joan Wayne took a serum known as V-45 to become a super hero she has also gone by the name of Rad. Joan tailored the V-45 to her body chemistry thus her daughter was also able to become a hero using the same formula.


Sheena The Queen of the Jungle is the creation of Will Eisner and S.M Iger. She first appeared(in U.S)in  Jumbo Comics #1. In 1942 she became the first female comic character to have her own serries. Sheena arove in the jungle with her father the explore Chardwell Rivington who was unintentianaly killed by a native witch doctor. In penance the witch doctor raised Sheena if she were his own.

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Image Characters/ Wildstorm Characters


Darkness is the hero name of Jacki Esctacado a fromer hit man for his Uncle Frankie "Kill'em all" Franchetti  who was a mafia mob boss.  The Darkness took over Jacki's life when he became 21 as is his familie's legacy.  The Darkness powers come out at night (hence the name). These powers include a body armor, comand of a horde of Darklings (demon like things) which can make what ever he want's as long as he describes it in detail, he also can create tendrils with blades that can cut through steel like it was paper. The Darkness power is believed to be connected to the Witchblade (See Darkness Witchblade cross-over comics for more info). The only down fall of this power is that if he sires a child he dies giving his powers to his heir.


Cole Cash a.k.a Grifter is a crack shot Gen Factored human who is fast healing and slow aging, he also has telepathy and telikenitic abilities.  Thanks to his lover Zealot is the only man to ever recieve Coda training. Both of them met up and joined the Wildc.a.ts( He was previously a part of Team7 and I.O (International Operations).

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DC Character Facts.


Even though she looks human Wonder Woman is in fact a clay sculpture that was given life by the gods. Made by Hipollyta queen of the amazons of Paridise Island who she considers her mother as it was her that wanted Diana/Wonder Woman as her daughter.


Donna Troy/ Troia is the mirror image of Wonderwoman given life by Magala an amazon sorceress who used part of Diana(Wonerwoman's)own soul to make the image come alive.  The evil being known as Darkangle who had a vendetta agianst Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta stole this doppleganger away believing her to be the real Wonderwoman. Darkangle subjected the doppleganger to suffer through many tortured existances, yet this had an adverse affect actualy strengthening the dopplegangers resolve and giving her a distinct personality. The last existance she lived out was that of a girl named Donna who's mother died of cancer, Donna then was in a baby selling ring when the house she was in caught fire, she was saved by Rhea a titan of myth who took her to New Cronos. On new Cronos she was given the name Troy at 13 she was returned to earth her memory of all that transpired was wiped clean.  She fashioned a costume simmular to that of the World War II heroin Wonderwoman unaware of her conection to Wonderwoman at the time she called herself Wondergirl and became part of the Original Teen Titians.  When she grew up Donna married a man named Terry Long and had a son named Robert who she divorced.  After remembering her up bringing on New Cronos Donna changed her garb and became known as Troia. It was as Troia that she met Wonderwoman again for the first time still unaware of their bond the two became fast freinds.  Troia breifly became a Darkstar and dated the Green Lantern known as Kyle Rayner which ended when her preivious family died.  Darkangle once again tried to kidnap Donna yet this time was opposed by Wonderwoman, Flash, and Hippolyta durring this struggle Donna was reborn free of Darkangles influnce and possed her former amazonian powers. She rejoined the Titians, yet  is now among the deceased having been killed off to launch the newest Titans incarnation.


In DC Comics their have been two people from two seprate Earths that have taken up the name of The Huntress.The first one was Selina Wayne Daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Batman &Catwoman) of Earth2 where the JSA had their base of operations before the Crisis On Infinate Earth serries.


The second Huntress is known as Helena Rosa Bertinelli believed to be the daughter of Franco Bertinelli who was killed by her true father the crimeboss Don Cassamento.  Helena found this out and had her uncle kill him leaving her and him the only parts of the family still living. She took the garb of Batgirl for a while when Batman was away, yet Oracle (the original batgirl) nor Batman realy approved of this. Huntress has been involved with  Nightwing and a guy named Vic Sage.


There have also been 3 Robins in the mainstream DC world. The first was Dick Grayson who debuted in  Dective Comics #38. He was also one of the original Teen Titians. He later became Nightwing, and is currently part of the Outsiders. The Second Robin was Jason Todd. He was short lived robin as he was a punk. He  died in Batman #428. The Third Robin is Tim Drake who was involved in Young Justice and has now become a Teen Titan. 


While Powergirl possess some powers that are simmular to those of the Superman bloodline she is not related to Superman nor is she even a Kryptonian. Powergirl is infact the Grandaughter of Arion the first king of DC comics Atlantis before it fell beneath the sea. She was encased in a magical crystal in order to protect her and flung 45,000 yrs into the future (modern day DC world).


Speaking about Superman, he's the 1 hero who's done just about everything, or had everything happen to him. dealing with paralle universes (Hypertime), traveling through time, coming back from the dead, having a wife (who does know his secrate), having people inpersonate him (take his mantle), having his home planet destroyed, having new powers, being two seprate people at once, teaming up with many of his old foes at one time or another,  having an arch rivial who's now president of the U.S.A . Through it all Superman has come out on top.


Firestorm's origin is a very unique one since he is the fused form of two men. He is both Ronald Raymond a college student and Professor Martin Stein a school professor who knew a bit about nuclear physics since he was a designer of the Hudson Nuclear Facility. A bomb went off in that same facility and the two were caught in the blast the reaction gave birth to Firestorm. The two men found the could conciously  eniciate a merge to form Firestorm.  Firestorm then appears in place of the one who willed this merger to happen, and after the merger the two men are left standing next to each other. Currently though this Firestorm is only enbodied by Ronald.

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Marvel Character Facts.


Spiderman once had an alien bonded to him that became bonded to eddi brock to form venom. This symbiote had the power to ooze out creating weapons or webbing. The symbiote could also change shape creating the illusion that a person was wearing normal cloaths or duplicate another person all together.  While bonded to Spiderman it also processed how to fool his Spidersense so that Spiderman never knows when Venom is around. Sybiots are vulnerable to sonics and to extreme heat.


Clarince Furguson or Blink was an Exile who was originaly from the Age of Apocalypse reality (in normal marvel continuity she was a part of Generation X before dying).  Can generate teleport warps and can mainfest javilins that when they strike a person cause them to teleport. little is truely known about her origins. On Apocalypse reality she was saved from the holding camps (pens) by Victor Creed Sabertooth who in that reality was a hero and who also became a part of Weapon X another group of reality hopers that took on the tougher assingments (Ie killing). Blink was chosen to wear the Tallus at first and became the leader of the Exiles and the romantic intrest of Calvin Rankin Mimic . She has completed her mission as a part of the Exiles,yet has managed to come back from the beyond to once again be an Exile.


The mutant known as Mystique is supposively the mother of the elfish mutant X-man  known as Nightcrawler. Mystique is also supposivly the stepmother of the X men's Rogue who she adopted. She was the leader of the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants which later became known as the Freedom Force. Mystiques power is the ability to imitate the form of any person she sees.


Mystique is not the only evil mutant to have a child that's on the X-men. Magneto himself had Two children Peitro and Wanda Maximof also known as Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch. Both were at first part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants then they turned out to be good. Both have been affilates of the X-men and the Avengers at diffrent times. Magneto is even a grandfather by Quicksilver and Crystal of the Inhumans of Luna. Nocture of the Exiles can also claim an" alternate"
Magneto as a grandfather since she is the daughter of the Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler.


The Juggernaut known as Cain Marko the stepbrother of Charles Xavier is a physical powerhouseThis brute is one of the X-mens' toughest foes. He is a magicaly enhanced human empowered by the Ruby of Cyttorak which gave him his super streaght. Juggernaut also took a trip to the Malibu Universe and formed the second generation of Exiles (may explain why there's now a marvel comics Exiles)for that universe and became a hero, yet he soon came back to the Marvel Universe.


Cloning has been used in comics a various number of times. One of Marvels well known clones was the short lived Madelyne Pryor also known as the Goblin Queen. This X-men Villeness was infact a clone of Jean Grey created by the X-man villian Mr Sinister.  She had befreinded Scott Summers who though he didn't know she was a clone still felt a strange attraction to her because of her resemblence to Jean. Madelyne  died in X-Factor # 38 which coincedently included the story of her origin.  In the alternate reality were Mutant X takes place she is one of the premier villians.

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This site is one that honors all the companies that have made these characters come to life. These characters are trademarks of those said companies. This site in no way atempts to infringe upon them, as this is more of a freindly site that offers a chance for people to learn more about said characters.

If you want to know more about some of the comic characters mentioned her or even some of the ones that aren't please feel free to e-mail me with the link below.I'd like to hear some suggestions for chacacters to list here.